Your international removal

Your international removal should start with a call, an e-mail or a fax to our offices informing us of the origin and the destination of your removal.
Our office staff will arrange an appointment with you so that one of our removal consultants can visit you, discuss your future removal and inspect the quantity of effects you require to be moved, he will also take note of any items that need special packing / crating, access problems etc.
Shortly after our visit you will receive in your home our written quotation for your removal, clearly stating the price of your removal as requested and any further information related to the removal, price of insurance, taxes etc.
Once you have accepted our quotation we will arrange with you the dates of collection and delivery (depending on the service required) and organise any documentation that may be required for your removal.
On the day of the collection our uniformed staff will arrive at your residence and begin the packing of your effects (sometimes we may need various days to complete the packing and collection depending on the volume to be moved, we will advise the days needed).
 ALL items of furniture will be carefully wrapped in Paper Blankets of five layers, the inner layer being acid free and polished to protect delicate surfaces and the outer layer of highly resistant paper, your pictures and paintings will be wrapped in the same material and then packed in to special boxes or crates, the small items will be wrapped in tissue, white packing paper or bubble wrap and packed in to our highly resistant removal boxes, each box is also marked with your name, number of inventory, room and the packers name. On completion of the packing we will make out a detailed inventory of all the items to be moved a copy of which will be handed to you.
Your effects will be carefully loaded in to one of our vehicles or in to a shipping container (depending on the destination) and transported to your new residence, if required due to the destination country we will also organise your customs clearance.
On arrival at your new address our removal crew will unload, unpack, set up your effects and remove all the debris (packing material)
Welcome to your new home